INASMUCH - What's in a name?

Living History:-
In 1956 a retired Salvation Army Major, Miss Myrtle Townsend, arrived in Nowra in an old Chevrolet car packed with personal items and four young children, She established a home for herself and disadvantaged children in an old farm house at Falls Creek.

Major Townsend had worked for many years looking after destitute children in the city, finding foster homes and even caring for children in her own home. She continued this work at Falls Creek living each day by her personal motto taken from the Bible - Mathew 25:40

"And the King shall answer and say unto them,
Verily I say unto you,
INASMUCH as ye have done unto me of these the least of my brethren,
so ye have done unto me"

The Major called her new home "Inasmuch".
In 1972 when the Major had to find other accommodation for her family, a home was offered to her by Mr Leslie Brine, on 25 acres on Sussex Inlet Rd.

Just as the family was ready to move into this new home, the Major was involved in a car accident and died two days later.image-04-a2

The people at Sussex Inlet took the plight of the children to heart and looked after them until a young lady, Miss Pam Mooney offered to continue with the Major's work and thus the name Inasmuch was perpetuated.

When the format for Child Welfare changed in the 80's, the Inasmuch Trust had the foresight to channel the enthusiasm held by the residents at the Inlet into supporting the wider concept of providing care for all persons, including the support for a children's play group and the establishment of aged care accommodation.

Inasmuch Community Limited is unique and compelling in its comprehensive range of services that effectively allows residents to ‘age in place' without having to move from one location to another.

At Inasmuch this ageing in place process starts with:-