What is a Serviced Apartment

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Serviced Apartments have evolved to fill a need for aged care accommodation which offers assistance with meals and daily chores, while respecting the need for residents to be able to live independently.

Elderly people do not want to have restrictions placed on their movements or be forced to adjust their lifestyle to suit the routine of others.

The fact is, as we grew older it is usually the everyday chores which are the most troublesome. Planning meals, cooking (especially for one person), shopping for food, cleaning bathrooms or vacuuming carpets and washing sheets and towels are some of the services offered to our residents.

Often we are unaware that we are not coping, until illness, in many instances brought on by poor nutrition or a bad fall, results in temporary hospitalisation or nursing home care.

There is no doubt that virtually everyone would prefer to remain in the family home indefinitely. In fact many elderly people manage to do this. However, for some, the daily struggle to remain, “independent” can have serious and sometimes sad consequences.

Unfortunately, when things do go wrong, it is often to late for them to enjoy the advantages of a Serviced Apartment lifestyle.

In earlier times when maintaining their own home got too much for Mum or Dad to cope with as they grew older, they simply moved in with the family of an adult son or daughter.

Our society, however, has changed rapidly ever the past 20 years and this is no longer the preferred option for most families particularly where both husband and wife go out to work.

Many elderly people also prefer a quieter life and more privacy and independence than that offered in an extended household.

Serviced Apartments are available only to those generally independent, have reasonably good health, but who may be frail or have a minor disability.

The criteria is to be able to take care of personal matters and be reasonably mobile.