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Daily Life Article - 4th March 2016: Things I Hope to Find in Aged Care Homes by the Time I'm Old

Older Person for Daily Life Article

Sydney Morning Herald Article - 26th January 2016:  The 90 year old 'living it up' on Reddit

Ron - Redditor

  Sydney Morning Herald Article - 21st January 2016: How to have a Conversation about Aged Care

Topic of Aged Care

Sydney Morning Herald Article - 7th January 2016: One Third of Australian Pensioners Live in Poverty - OECD Report

Pension dollars

Sydney Morning Herald Article - 2nd January 2016 Nursing Home Profits Soar as Patient Care Declines

Aged Care - elederly person

Media Release by Leading Age Services - 24th October 2015 re Elderly Abuse

Leading Age Services

ABC News - 27th March 2014

Elderly Men Dying by Suicide