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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: if we have not answered a question in our Frequently Asked Questions, please ensure you ask one of our friendly staff and they will answer the question for you, or if they do not know the answer, they will get back to you.

Do I Need to Purchase a Villa from Inasmuch Community in order to live in the retirement village?

Yes and No. If you wish to live independently this is so, however, there are a broad range of villas to choose from depending on your budget and circumstances.

If you require Assisted Living or High Dependency Care then there are alternative options more suitable to these types of living accommodations at the Inasmuch Retirement Village. For example, it is highly possible for a senior to be living independently in their own home and only access the high dependency care accommodation at the Inasmuch Retirement village at a much later stage of their life's journey.

Is there a Waiting List?

Yes.  For many of our independent living villas, there is a waiting list.  However you can register your interest and as soon as one becomes available we will advise you.

Can I Inspect the Property prior to deciding whether to purchase a villa in the retirement village?

Absolutely.  All we ask is you ring our friendly staff and organise a time that is mutually suitable so you can inspect the property and gain a good overview of what Inasmuch has to offer to you.

We also encourage you to bring along your partner, a family member or friend to inspect the property with you, so you have another person's perspective.   As the saying goes: "Two heads are better than one".  This will also assist you to ensure you ask the Inasmuch staff as many questions you have so you have all the information you possibly require to make your decision.

Do I have to pay a Bond if I purchase an independent living villa from Inasmuch; and if so, how much?

Yes, there is a bond (in-going contribution) to be paid. The amount of bond to be paid is determined by the type of villa that you choose to purchase and the sale price at the time you purchase the villa.  Remember, you do not own the physical asset (the villa itself).  The legal title is owned by Inasmuch Community Incorporated.

Please see the attached to understand the various pricing structure and various options outlined so you can make an informed decision.

Independent Living & Service Apartment Pricing & Option Structure

Please Note:  Prices are subject to change.  Please ensure you speak to our friendly staff and obtain the current pricing and option structure prior to making a decision.

Is my bond money held in a separate bank account so it doesn’t get caught up in the general administration expenses of Inasmuch?

Yes.  All residents’ bond money is held in a totally separate bank account which is held by Inasmuch at the local National Australia Bank at Sussex Inlet.

Can I leave the property in my will for my family or nominated beneficiary?

No. Whilst you purchase the villa and pay a bond (in-going contribution), when you leave, the property is ultimately owned by Inasmuch Community Incorporated. Therefore, you cannot leave the physical asset i.e. the villa itself, to a loved one or a nominated beneficiary. You are able to however, designate in your will the family member or nominated beneficiary to receive the bond (if you have chosen an option that provides you with a refund) you paid to Inasmuch at the time you purchased the property - less the relevant fees and charges.

Does the type of residence determine whether I will receive a refund? If so, how is this refund calculated?

Yes & No. This is determined on the option structure you choose as part of your in-going contribution (bond) you paid. For example:

  • Option 1 - Independent & Assisted Living Accommodation - You will be refund will be the balance after the retention fee (calculated at 7% daily for a maximum of 4 years) is deducted in accordance with your contract.
  • Option 2 - Independent Living Accommodation - No refund is applicable.
  • Option 3 - Independent Living Accommodation - You will be refunded the balance after the retention fee (calculated at 3.5% daily for a maximum of 4 years) is deducted in accordance with your contract.
  • Option 4 - Independent Living Accommodation - The full in-going contribution will be paid in accordance with your contract.

Independent Living & Service Apartment Pricing & Option Structure

Are there any Rules I must abide by?

Yes there are rules that have been developed in conjunction with residents.  Please read these rules carefully because they have been developed not only so you can enjoy and relax in your home but also for other residents as well.

I have a car – does the villa have a garage

Yes. All villas come with a single lock up garage for you to be able to garage your car overnight. However your visitors, if they stay overnight must park their cars in the designated visitor's parking spaces only.

Do you have a Product Disclose Statement

Absolutely.  Disclosure Statement - As At 28th January 2016

You can also access other relevant documents under the Resources/Inasmuch Documents section on this website.

Please ask our friendly staff to provide you with a complete information package so you can read everything at your leisure.

Is there a Cooling Off Period and if so, how long

Absolutely.  We at Inasmuch want you to take your time and make an informed decision.  By law you must be given 14 days to review the contract before signing.  Once you have signed the contract by law, Inasmuch must give you at least 7 days cooling off period as long as you have not moved into premises within this time period.  

During the cooling off period you are able to fully rescind the contract and any monies paid must be fully refunded to you.  If you feel you require a longer length of time, please speak to our friendly staff to negotiate a mutually agreeable time frame.

We also encourage you to seek legal advice and talk to your accountant to ensure that you are fully informed of the contract's contents and legal rights and responsibilities prior to signing the contract.

There is also a settling in period which by law Inasmuch Community Incorporated must observe.  This means that you are allowed to terminate your contract within the first 90 days of becoming entitled to occupy the premises.  You are entitled to a refund of your in-going contribution (bond), however the timing of the refund is fully dependent on the type of contract you signed.

Departure fees are not payable, however you will have to pay an administration fee, plus costs of any repairs if you damage the property beyond fair wear and tea.

You can obtain more information from the NSW Department of Fair trading website

Also refer to the NSW Dept of Fair Trading - Moving into a Retirement Village for more information on your rights and responsibilities.

Can Inasmuch Community Inc. request I leave the retirement village against my will? Do they have the legal right to do so; and if so, what are my rights in this situation?


  • However Inasmuch must observe a due process i.e. submit documents to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.  You can refer to their website for more information on the process the Tribunal takes and what your rights are under this type of situation.
  • If you are in breach of the village rules, as outlined in the Residents Handbook, Inasmuch has the right to request you to leave.  You do have the right to appeal to the Tribunal to settle the matter.